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Name : Sophie (Shiverz)
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Location : Tokyo, Japan.
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Date of Birth : 17th January 1986
Age : 31

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British chick, living in Tokyo, Japan!
Living the cosplay dream of dressing up in Tokyo and blending in with this crazy city.

Cosplay Bio

Costumes have been a passion of mine for sometime now, of many different variations.

Travelling to Expos/Conventions when I can, but you can find me dressing up on weekends or evenings out.
I am known for wearing a tail and collar most days~

Most memorable costume? Draenei from World of Warcraft. why? One word: HOOVES.

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DRAWING / films / music / comics / animation / visiting zoos / computer games (WoW) / painting Warhammer little dudes / travelling the globe / DISNEYLAND / Cryptzoology / Zoology / Palaeontology / Egyptology / Paranormal/Supernatural / RPG / werewolves / photography / wrestling / going to anything in fancy dress/Cosplay / hangin' with my homies / eating good sandwiches / petting any cute animals in my path .... and all that jazz.