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Name : Adrian
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Location : kilmarnock
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Date of Birth : 19th April 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hey names Adrian (or adi, adrin, rin) im a carer by choice, though looking for a small part time job too i guess. Hmmm im passionate about my jrock/jpop music love it so much, just can inspire me or cheer me up when need be. What am i like, shy at first but i open up slowly, then u get to see my fun/funny side to me.

Cosplay Bio

Hmm how did i get started, guess it would be after looking up some of my fav anime/manga chars, i seen folk dressed up like them, i then searched wat it was called an come across cosplay, since then decided i wanted to cosplay. I enjoy most is being able to shed away my weirdish self, an become someone else for a while an chill like that char etc.

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Games / films / cosplay / manga / anime / some sports / music.