Personal Information

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Name : Nina
Website :
Location : Bochum, Germany
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th January 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

You may have seen above that I'm not living in the UK. However, since 2010 MCM Expo london is an important con to me and i got to know many nice people with whom i want to stay in contact :D

Besides, I am student at Dortmund University. I've been studying German, English and Maths for 2 years now in order to become primary school teacher ^^

Cosplay Bio

i began cosplaying in 2007. That was still very simple >___>
Last year i participated in the German Cosplay Competition but didn't make it into the finals. This will change when i participate again this or next year... :D

I've already cosplayed in Germany, England, France, Netherlands and Japan.

Contact Information

feel free to contact me on the following websites:



Cosplay? :D; ONE PIECE / Johnnys Entertainment: NEWS!!!!! / KAT-TUN / Kanjani8; Jpop / Jrock / gaming [Phoenix Wright etc; Skies of Arcadia; Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy]; Disney / Photography / filming / sewing / drawing / going to the cinema and lots of different stuff