Personal Information

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Name : Sedgeie
Location : CORNWALL
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th June 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

YO! ^^ I'm a freak.
lol there should be more to say about me but....... well this kind of sums me up XD

I want to be either a mangaka or a voice actor =w= that would be such an awesome job.

Cosplay Bio

ummmmmmmmmmmm well I'm a fairly new cosplayer. ^^'
I cosplayed Madame Red (from 'kuroshitsuji')at Alcon 2010 and I shall be cosplaying Maka ('Soul Eater') at LAC. ^^ - may also be doing a casual Bunny Italy at LAC

~ ummm I'll post pics when I have some XD
ALSO I'm working on Miharu Rokujo's froggy apron in "Nabari no ou"..... wish me luck.