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Peaks of eternal light

Fri, 11 Jul 2014 14:35:01 GMT

There are points on the lunar poles that were suspected to be the few points that received constant sunlight through the moon's phase cycle.

The best figures though now suggest there's a few that come close, but still get some periods of darkness. Not surprising really, as the Earth's penumra at luna distance is apparently some 9000km in diameter or so. And the moon's only 1737km.

If I understand it right, this means you only get extended periods of light at the poles due to the inclination of the moon's orbit just skimming the shadows edge. They'll still be points of total darkness with eclipse-like timings.

I'd been imaginging a moon-base using solar reflectors as a heat source for refining processes. A few days off you can deal with, but thermal cycling is a big problem. A base that gets nice and warm basking in the sun is going to experience much more thermal shock from sudden cooling.

High thermal-mass components might be a way of negating it to some degree, but I'd still be afraid to stand near a window when the sun went down.