Personal Information

Name : Alex
Location : Dudley
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 3rd March 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hey there.
Name's Alex, 19 year old dude living in Dudley, not far out of Birmingham and Wolverhampton.
Big on my anime and games, been attending cons and expos for about 5 years nearly.
I've only ever cosplayed twice, once as Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, and once as Kiba from Naruto. No pics exist of these sadly :(
However, in the coming few months I have decided to become more pro-active about cosplaying, so I'm gonna put a lot more effort into it.
I'm currently unemployed, but I've held jobs at CeX, Game and KFC, and I'm an avid reader of all sorts of literature.
Bit crazy I guess, but then again who isn't?
Anyway, I hope you look forward to all I have planned for the future and seeing developments :)

Cosplay Bio

I'd say my biggest inspiration for getting into cosplay would be my friend Emily, although anyone on here who may know her would know her as Selph.
She's an extremely talented seamstress and cosplayer, and she's got such a catalogue of costumes, I feel jealous. One day I'll catch up.


Gaming / anime / manga / reading / writing / movies / art / Yugioh