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Name : Sarah
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Location : Wilmslow, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th December 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Oh, I'm so bad at talking about myself. I'm quite quirky, a bit introvert, but I have my moments. I love yaoi, but mostly original character yaoi and not fan-yaoi, unless it's for the humour ;P I love drawing and writing and singing, and now I have a new love of making costumes, even if it can be stressful. Hopefully more expos will see more costumes!

Cosplay Bio

Rachel (MrsChumphy) would have to have been the one who got me into cosplay, and anime and manga in general. My first cosplay was only last month (though we took practise pictures in May) and now I am totally into it. I love the effort of making costumes, and I love the attention it gets (woo, attention whore, that's me). I also love having funny skits, such as yaoi Death Note and fun with handcuffs (ooh la la)


Anime / drawing / web comics / writing / singing / internet-ing / making costumes / being silly / sci-fi / fantasy / manga / friends / msn / being lazy