Personal Information

Name : Sarah
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Location : Midlands
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Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Sarah, or more commonly known as Sashi or Shrew these days, I'm a music production student at Leeds Metropolitan University. I love music, theatre and art, and also love manga/anime as well as gaming. Nice to meet you!

Cosplay Bio

I am Bouncy Otaku of the "Otaku Trioka" and am pretty new to all of this. I started cosplay in 2009 but have only just begun to take it a lot more seriously, and actually create my own costumes. I love being able to dress up and become a different person, and I love meeting like-minded people who feel the same! I'm determined to get better and get my costumes to a good standard, and hopefully be able to suit characters and learn more and more.


Anime / Manga / Music / Theatre / Films / Gaming