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Name : Sammy
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Date of Birth : 6th November 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hi I'm sammy and I'm interested in most things like dc, marvel and a lot of horror! Some of the pictures you will see are a lot of the cosplays that I enjoy wearing when I can! I talk to others to see if I can improve my skills like making a full costume by myself which at the moment is Anna from frozen! I'm very bubbly so hope to bring that to the images you see! You should probely see me at a lot of cons

Cosplay Bio

I got started into cosplay when I met my friend chelsea where we started this anime club, we then got to meet the plymouth cosplay group where I got to meet everyone else we all have been friends for about 3 years now.
What I like about cosplay is that I have meet alot of great people and some creepy people, it boosted my confidence greatly and I love that I just get to act like the characters!
Ive started to do modelling with my completed cosplays to show them off as to say.
Im now part of the The1stCapedCrusaders so if your into DC heros and villians have a watch there is a cosplayisland, facebook and youtube account
Check out my Facebook Page NightMare in Wonderland for the FB view

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my skype is sammymisa16
CosplayLab SammyMisa



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