Personal Information

Name : Samantha "Spenny"
Website :
Location : Lowell, Michigan.
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th June 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hello! My name is Samantha N. ((Sam N = Salmon.)) I am referred to as many names; Sal, Sam, Fah, Spenny, Spen, Old Grumpy, Mademoiselle Lotion, and others. If none of those names seem right, feel free to make your own!

About me; I've been a furry for roughly 5 years. I am autistic, successfully treating depression, and I've recently been diagnosed with ADD.
I am often told that I am... "Different" from most people... You'll find out more and why, if you get to know me a bit better.
I am very very very shy, until you really get to know me... If you do, be prepared for jokes, lame puns, random outbursts of playful creeping, and much much more.
I think. A lot.

Cosplay Bio

I decided to join CosplayIsland because I am getting into Fursuiting! I'm learning a lot about costume making, and designing. I am hoping this place will help me meet some other costume makers, to help me get started. I have so many questions, and a lot to learn... But I am eager to get started.

Contact Information

Skype; No2Spenncil
FurAffinity account;
DeviantArt account;


A little insight on what I like; I love cute and cuddly things / and also extremely scary / violent / and spooky things. I appreciate oddities and the strange in just about anything. I have a cute radar. If you are acting adorable / precious / absolutely irrisistable / I will call you on it. Even if no one has ever said it to you before / you will hear it from me eventually. :3 Creating and roleplaying are some of my favorite things to do with my characters. Though I may not be any good / I still enjoy it. Note; I can be very slow! And I apologize. A little insight on what I dislike; ... Not much. =w=