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Name : Sarah
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Location : Manchester, England
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Date of Birth : 3rd December 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I'm Sarah! Uhh... not a lot to say ^^' I'm not a hard core cosplayer, but when I do get involved, I really enjoy it X3
My main interests are illustration, photography, writing and reading.
Time for the basics ^^- Currently an Illustration student at the University of Wolverhampton. Near the end of my second year.
Favourite colour- Uhh... I'm a bit stuck here. My mains favourites are more combinations. Such as black and red, black and blue, and... any colour with black xD. Colours alone, I love blue, purple and (depending on the shade) green.

Favourite animes/manga's/sitcoms/movies- My favourite series is good old Red Dwarf X3. Others are Black Addar, Ab Fab, Open All Hours and Only Fools and Horses. Anime wise, I like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Saikano, Monster Rancher. Manga wise, I like Beyond the Beyond and Happy Hustle High. Movies, I'm really fussy over, cause I tend to be a critic with it. But I give credit to the HP series and the good old fashioned thrillers. Cartoon wise I love Ed,Edd n Eddy and recently took a huge interest in Daria. How did I miss that in the 90's?

Games tastes- I'm not a huge gamer, so I don't have a huge variety, seeing as I only have the PS2 and an Xbox360 D: But game wise, I tend to enjoy the FF games (preferably FFIX and FFX) and thriller games. However, my pet game is Primal. It was my first ever PS2 game, and though it might not be perfect, it's still a personal favourite of mine ^^ on the Xbox360 I enjoyed the Fable series (though admittedly the 3rd one was awful), Tales of Vesperia and Bayonetta.

Cosplay Bio

I was first introduced into cosplay by a few friends. It's taken me a while to get more into the swing of it, but now I'm enjoying spending time at expo's around other people with similar interests as me ^^

Possible cosplays for future (undecided)-
Daria from... Well, Daria. But this is a big maybe.


Drawing / thrillers / anime / games / roleplay / photography / photoshoots / writing / reading / punk lolita / filming / photo editting / colouring / experimenting with stuff