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Name : Chaz
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Location : Holbeach
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 23rd March 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

An aspiring author and failed musician I spend more time on my magic performance these days. I'm pretty laid back and don't take life seriously which I think may be why my bosses hate me but meh. Don't have many friends due to my attitude on life as suck up's and people who need attention irritate me so pretty much all my colleges annoy me, however cosplay being what it is has caught my attention as it's made up of loveable weirdo's and fellow anime fan's such as myself, so I can get on with everyone at these event's because they're in the same state of mind as ME!

Cosplay Bio

My laid back approach to life transfer's into my cosplay, I'm not majorly interested in doing solo cosplay's that much as it doesn't inspire much HOWEVER I DO like the idea of filling in missing character's from groups. Being versatile in my way of thinking and not really caring about being inspired for my own stuff right now I'm happy enough to simply be the missing character from a group even if the missing character isn't awesome in the anime. If my guess is correct group's will help me earn new friends fast and I can learn thing's from people in them about the events (like going on stage and performing) or just crafting things, even something as basic as "Yeh you should watch this anime as you'll find it fun" so here's hoping =)


Magic / writing / Guitaring / TCG's / Sarcasim / Reggaeton