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Name : Saint of Swords
Location : Belgium
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Personal Bio

I'm pretty bad at telling stuff about myself but here goes...
Well first off i'm a huge gaming fanatic, owning up to 18 consoles and still counting. Both retro and newer gens.
I play every genre of games but my favourites would be RPG, adventure and survival though I also have a weak spot for the old point & click adventure games.
Since i'm on this site it's safe to assume i'm also a cosplayer.
I might not be as 'hardcore' as most people but i've been doing it for 7 years now and I do enjoy being original and having lolz above all at cons.
Been to convention here in Belgium, the netherlands and the UK.
You'll usually see me walking about with a camera, just filming stuff.
I'm also big on movies especially horror & amusing B-movies.
As for books (yeah I read, I know its rare nowadays) I prefer the Discworlds books of Terry Pratchett.

Cosplay Bio

Been cosplaying for 7 years now.
Going to convention, expo's and events in Belgium, Netherlands and the UK.
I prefer cosplaying original characters and tend to keep away from too mainstream cosplays unless I can help friends with a cosplay group.


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