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Name : Jimbo
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Location : Bournemouth
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Date of Birth : 11th February 1993
Age : 22

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So im studying at bournemouth arts university whilst spending ma days cosplaying and playing video games. My list of favorite shows and games is so huge its not worth it but to name a few Gurren lagann, panty and stocking, full metal alchemist, trinity blood, bleach kingdom hearts, final fantasy, shadows of the damned, gods eater, devil may cry <3<3

Cosplay Bio

Been cosplaying since 2006 i think (first cosplay was shit damn you kyo soma) but since then ive hopefully improved. Ive had so many good memories from cosplay its so amazing meeting certain members of the ff roundup cosplaying with my group spiralfishcakes so many good freinds. I do enter contests despite how inferior my costumes are but i enjoy the experience

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