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Name : Asia
Website :
Location : *Will soon return to Bristol*
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th November 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I´m Anglo-Prussian, culturally Spanish since the age of 7 and I love to draw, write and make dolls... and cosplays!!! X3

Soon I´ll be back home, motherland, the UK. <3~Island-blood calls~<3

Cosplay Bio

I´ve only ever made two "low-budget" cosplays:
Tashigi, from OnePiece; and Alfred(USA) from Hetalia.

But I´m interested in making more and joining or starting a cosplay group as soon as I´m stable in the UK!


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Anime / manga / OnePiece / Hetalia / Deadman Wonderland / BlackBird / Wolf&Spice and a few more unheard-of titles XD Doctor Who / ! I GOTTA do a Dr.Who cosplay sometime~<3 Books. Lotsa / lotsa books. :3 Drawing / writing. Making creepy dolls. ((The LJ link below is kinda inactive ^^;]