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I have several names given to me by others, Mimiru in the cosplay scene and Aislinn Riley which I use for any of the things I write. I began sewing and cosplaying in 2004, finding the hobby amazing since I it allows a person to use all creative outlets they/we can get their/our hands on. Makeup, design, sewing, hair/wig styling, and putting together scripts as one prepares to act. All if it becomes an amazing feeling.

Since I was seven years old, I knew that I somehow wanted to end up doing something with my life that involved Japanese culture. I grew up off-and-on on a Cherokee Reservation, and my first language was Cherokee. When I was seven, I had my first encounter with Japanese music, believing that the angel (the vocalist) was going to take my mom to the afterlife since she was in the hospital. But, since then, I was captivated by Japanese language and music, and as I aged, Japanese culture became my "closest-to-home" interest and passion. There are many similarities between my raised Cherokee heritage and the traditional values of Japanese roots. This is why I began my journey to Japan.

I studied abroad in Japan from September 9, 2011-June 2012, and prior to that I did research with the ASIANetwork on the March 11, 2011 Disasters in Japan from May 2011-June 2011. The research project took place from May 2011-June 2011 with Webster University. I am currently working on a Bachelor's in Anthropology with a Japanese Language and Culture focus.

After finishing my degree, I intend to travel back to Japan permanently to teach English as a Second Language.

When I return to Japan, I will be conducting the second part of my interviews with Japanese cosplayers for my book-in-progress, "Cosplay: Into the World Beyond". This book is currently in the process of being written, and my current task is to conduct interviews with cosplayers outside of Japan as I finish the writing. The book will feature interviews with cosplayers, voice actors and will also have tutorials and guidelines that will help any cosplay veteran or a cosplay newbie. It is an incredibly exciting, and rather large, project, and it has me giddy with glee that I am working on it.

For a time, I did various forms of street fashion, from lolita (gothic), Visual Kei, and then to gyaru (banba, manba, b-gyaru and grew out of them into oneegyaru), although I eventually came to my own conclusions about what I felt was most comfortable. Now, I enjoy sharing experiences and how-to's when it comes to these fashions, for those who are interested themselves.

Book Projects:

Anthology of Faeries (Tales ofTir-inna-nOc): A collection of short tales based in Ireland and Scotland, revolving around old legends of the Fae while being told in old, traditional fairy tale style. This work is nearly complete, and I am currently working with an illustrator. For more information on Anthology of Faeries, you can check out my blogspot with Celtic Rose Project at: CELTIC ROSES

Cosplay: Into the World Beyond: A work-in-progress that will feature interveiws of cosplayers from around the globe, including interviews with cosplayers inside Japan. This book is to include tutorials for sewing, makeup, techniques for cosplaying, tips on how to begin, and more. For this one, I am currently collecting interviews with cosplayers, voice actors, con-goers and conventions.

Chigurashi Saga: A boy's love novel being written for a publishing company.

Other: Currently, I am working sidelong with a professor here in Japan to publish short stories in two University Textbooks for a University in Aichi Prefecture. Due to contract reasons, I am unable to disclose any more information at this time.

Nihon Buyou, Bon Odori and Kimono Kitsuke

I have been studying Nihon Buyou for a little over six years now. I first picked up Japanese dance through my sensei, who I met through connections with my grandmother.

Nihon Buyou is a traditional and classical Japanese style dance that is intended for stage use. Some popular examples of Nihon Buyou origins are "nohgaku" and "kabuki buyou". There are many styles that vary from school to school. I am from the Tohzan Ryu school, learning the Tozan Ryu style. For one year I studied Taiken style in Ikeda, Osaka.

During my schooling of Nihon Buyou, I have been taught Bon Odori, festive dancing, and required to learn kimono kitsuke (wearing kimono).

Other Hobbies and Experience With:

*Asian Ball Jointed Doll modifications
*ParaPara/Tech Para/TraPara
*Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do, Naginata, Kendo)
*Event Organizing
*Hair/Wig Dressing

Associated Groups:

*Silver Aura of Dawn Cosplay (SADC)
*Hyruleans of St. Louis
*St. Louis Bon Odori Group
*Cosplayer Nation
*St. Louis Kimono-san
*St. Louis Cosplay Coalition

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Cosplay Bio

What Cosplays have I done?
(for porfolios of the cosplays, you may find them at: Deviant Art: MimiruCosplayDiary)

*Yamamoto Anise (Pirate) 2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (volume 6 cover artwork) 2010-2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (original crystal art) 2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (Hamlet) 2010
*Kuran Kaname (Winter) 2009-2010
*Kuran Kaname (Knight Class uniform) 2009-2012
*Genesis Raphsodos 2005-2008
*Sephiroth 2007
*Uchiha Sasuke (Curse Mark) 2005-2009
*Uchiha Sasuke 2004
*Uzumaki Naruto (Shippuden) 2005-2009
*Ryuzaki L (movie version with mask) 2005-2009
*Nate Rivers (trial) 2008
*Moogle Yuna 2010


*Nevermore (Winter Court Dagda) 2011 [original based on Celtic Mythology]
*Nevermore (Summer Court Dagda) 2011 [original based on Celtic Mythology]
*Lena Whittely (Star-Crossed-Lover) 2010-2011 [original based on Victorian period Romeo/Juliet]
*Lena Whittely (The Young Maiden) 2010 [original based on Victorian period Romeo/Juliet]
*Shikiko, the Tengu Woman 2010 [original based on Japanese mythology]
*Rogue Riley 2010-2012 [original based on a work-in-progress]
*Rogue Riley (Faerie Court Rennfaire Version) 2010 [original based on a work-in-progress]

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