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Cosplayer, graphic designer, costume designer, artist, aspiring actress and Japanese dancer, I have been in the hobby since I was 12. Now, I wish to further my skills and experience and join the industry, fabricating costumes and going further into acting. Entertaining audiences is my passion and I have been doing so since I was seven, starting out in ballet and tap and moving into Tae Kwon Do and Nihon Buyou.

I love to help guide cosplayers through their journey all the while putting on entertaining and fantastical events. I love the cosplay community and even dedicated her senior thesis to researching controversies in the community and how to help prevent controversies and arguments from putting a gap in the community. I strongly believe that cosplay is for everyone and strive to create a more inclusive community for cosplayers. Cosplay is about fun and passion and no one get’s left behind!

My cosplays include anime (Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, Barajou no Kiss, and more), video games (such as Final Fantasy and Skyrim), and comic characters such as Loki and Harley Quinn, faeries, steam punk and Celtic Mythology (The Dagda).

On top of acting and costuming, I have a deep love for Japanese culture and language, and conducted research in Japan, traveling to Nagasaki, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima. A couple of months later, I once again returned to Osaka to study for a year until June 2012.

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What Cosplays have I done?

*Yamamoto Anise (Pirate) 2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (volume 6 cover artwork) 2010-2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (original crystal art) 2011
*Ciel Phantomhive (Hamlet) 2010
*Kuran Kaname (Winter) 2009-2010
*Kuran Kaname (Knight Class uniform) 2009-2012
*Genesis Raphsodos 2005-2008
*Sephiroth 2007
*Uchiha Sasuke (Curse Mark) 2005-2009
*Uchiha Sasuke 2004
*Uzumaki Naruto (Shippuden) 2005-2009
*Ryuzaki L (movie version with mask) 2005-2009
*Nate Rivers (trial) 2008
*Moogle Yuna 2010
*Classic Harley Quinn 2013
*Nora Valkyrie 2013
*Princess Luna (MLP) 2013
*Frost (Mortal Kombat) 2013-2014
*Stuttgart Loki 2013
*Prisoner Loki (Thor 2) 2013-2014
*Skyrim Listener/Dovahkiin Jester 2014
*Battle Queen Elsa 2014
*Thor (Avengers Now!) 2014
*Kid Loki 2014
*Toxic Harley Quinn 2014


*Nevermore (Winter Court Dagda) 2011 [original based on Celtic Mythology]
*Nevermore (Summer Court Dagda) 2011 [original based on Celtic Mythology]
*Lena Whittely (Star-Crossed-Lover) 2010-2011 [original based on Victorian period Romeo/Juliet]
*Lena Whittely (The Young Maiden) 2010 [original based on Victorian period Romeo/Juliet]
*Shikiko, the Tengu Woman 2010 [original based on Japanese mythology]
*Rogue Riley 2010-2012 [original based on a work-in-progress]
*Rogue Riley (Faerie Court Rennfaire Version) 2010 [original based on a work-in-progress]

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