Personal Information

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Name : James
Website : http://rivyer7.deviantart.com/
Location : Thornaby
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th April 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I am James Ciccone and I love anime and manga and cosplay and science fiction and fantasy and... well yeah not much I don't like really. I like to think of myself as quite easy going and imaginative. I'm tall... there's that... I am fresh out of uni and looking for a job at the moment but its quite a chore so I prefer to focus mainly on what I enjoy. I draw and design and am sometimes good at impressions. Got several different organisations in the works. the first being AMCC (ANIME MANGA COSPLAY COLLECTIVE) we are a small group that got together after NEMACON 2010 and where originally called NEMACLUB but lets no go into that. We meet every Saturday in Middlesbrough and try and put on an event at least once a year. Feel free to come find us, we are the group that are loud and not a group of scene kids...My other groups are yet to get off the ground Foolish Kings is my main group in planning. This will be a group making dumb videos and stupid things in general hopefully you'll see it in time.

Cosplay Bio

I think my interest in cosplay started when I first realised I could act like my favourite characters as an adult and not be looked at strangely... by other cosplayers and that was kind of freeing. I generally don't want to grow up and I think cosplaying is a good compromise to that. What's my proudest moment?... hard question... not because there's so many but because I think I am yet to have one. If I had to choose something I'd say being dressed as my Battle Royale character for a whole day with no one realising I was even dressed up until I spoke to one of the Artists in the Con and she saw my colour.


Already covered it in my bio lol