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Name : Faye
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Location : Cornwall, England
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Date of Birth : 2nd May 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

I'm currently a stay at home mum and my little boy takes up a lot of my time so sadly I don't get as much time to be making cosplays anymore. I still try to fit it in as much as possible though! I love watching anime and reading manga which I have been doing for years now. When I'm not cosplaying I'm normally rehearsing for shows or helping out at my local theater or just reading a ton and watching lots of movies.

Cosplay Bio

I first discovered cosplay a few years ago when I was making costumes for a show and my partner was telling me all about a convention she went to and how she cosplays at them. I got deadly interested even to the point where pretty much all my uni costume work had ideas taken from cosplaying or Japanese fashion in them. Even my dissie was on Japanese theatrical outfits! I checked out a few expos as a regular human but then decided to take the plunge. My first official cosplay was the May 08 London Expo as Shiba Kuukaku. I love complicated costumes just for the challenge. I like to try and beat my previous one to do something bigger and better so I'm sure ill have something new and crazy again soon! XD


films / anime / manga / gaming / music / theater / books / cosplay / fantasy / action