Personal Information

Name : Louise
Location : Edinburgh
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th December 1979
Age : 37

Personal Bio

Im 28, and get married in March 2009. Im currently living in Edinburgh but am originally from Aylesbury in Bucks. I LOVE gaming (most types apart from FPS, football and racing)
Im very creative and enjoy papercraft and photography. Although im 28 I refuse to act like a grown up, after all growing up is for kids!

Cosplay Bio

Ive always loved making costumes, dressing up and role play but never really showed that side of myself, until my little sister got into cosplay! now I have somebody that I can "be myself" around and I dont have to keep it secret LOL.
My 1st planned event is MCM expo in October 09, would have been sooner but I have a wedding to plan.


Gaming / films / photography / crafting / CAKE / drawing