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Name : Rain
Location : Spalding, Lincolnshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 29th December 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Hi I'm Rain, I'm here to make friends, meet and have lots of fun together in costume or not :) x I'm on the epic search for a best friend (never really had one)

I am a Photographer and have gained a Btec National Diploma in Photography. Studied at Stamford college. I'm a full-time mummy.

I love Anime/Manga, I've been collecting Pokemon merch since I was little (I have some retro items), I am currently watching Code Geass, Fairy Tail, Pokemon (need to watch more Anime) and reading Rosario + Vampire books, need book 8.

I'm trying to learn anime dancing. I love acting and performing and after attending my 1st MCM Expo in May I am itching to get up on stage!! So watch out in October for a Blazblue group ;) I also recently attended Hyper Japan for the 1st time also <3 I was wearing a pink and yellow Sweet Lolita outfit and my friend Tray was wearing a pink and blue matching Lolita outfit xx

I have a little girl called Roxy (she's 3):) and such a cutie x :) and she's desperate to come to Comic Con with Mummy and go on stage she says ;) so watch this space Junior Cosplay :P currently making her 1st Cosplay Wendy and a Casper Plushie from "Casper meets Wendy" x I will post pics x due to be complete for Halloween x I shall also be bringing Roxy to her 1st event next year in Lincoln (Lucky-Con) where she's begged me if she can go on stage ^_^ proud mummy

Thanks for reading and hope we can be friends :) or even best friends x

~Rain x

Cosplay Bio

Ive been dressing up since i was little (my mum made my costumes, bless her) ive always loved performing dispite being shy in the past, ive been in a few pantos Wizard of Oz- as "The Cowardly Lion" and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone- "as Proffesor Mcgonagall" also cosplayed Freya(FF9)with my little sis being Eiko(FF9) also and Tom and Jerry (i played Tom and my sis played Jerry) also me and my sis have entered competitions together as Sporty Spice and Baby Spice from Spice Girls. Lol well that's my past haha

I am really looking forward to cosplaying and adding special effects to my costumes, i like to research alot into my work, and regard research as fun :)

Im a Pokemon fan, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts fan :D and RPG gaming fan :P I just love becoming someone else and taking on their whole look and persona :D that's why I'm so glad I've found cosplay :D

I really would love to make friends and meet at events for photoshoots and fun x

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