Personal Information

Name : Door
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm Annabelle, but my friends call me Door. Actually, they just call me Annabelle, but I've always wanted to be called Door, after the Lady Door from the book Neverwhere. I enjoy drawing, writing, and the Ace Attorney series, but if we're talking of video games I'm adding Skyrim and Magical Starsign onto the list. When it comes to music, I usually find myself listening to either kpop, indian dubstep, scottish gaelic lullabies, or anything else that happens to fit my mood at the moment. I guess that's why I'm Radio-Fox and not Jrock-Fox or Classical-Fox.

Cosplay Bio

So I'm overall fairly new to cosplay, as I just visited my first convention a few weeks ago. I think what really got me into cosplay was that universally amazing feeling you get when you see someone cosplaying someone you recognize. It really is a nice thought to know that your fandom is alive, isn't it? I suppose I like cosplaying gijinkas more than human characters, simply because I feel there's a bit more freedom given when it comes to planning out the costume itself.