Personal Information

Name : Rachel
Location : Birmingham
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st September 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Hey, im Rachie *waves* Im a part time receptionist and theatrical costume graduate. Im short and hobbity, cheerful and friendly. I love cute things, pink things and im a big kid at heart. Tea and cake makes me hyper lol. yeah.. thats me ^_^

Cosplay Bio

Well, Ive always enjoyed clothes, dressing up and sewing since I was little and that is what made me go into studying firstly fashion and then theatrical costume. I started having an interest in anime and manga when i was about 14 and went to my first con at 16. My first cosplay my mom helped me to make as i wasnt too good at sewing back then (she was cospaying long before i was) and as my sewing skills have improved, ive just continued to make cosplay. Its something im really passionate about and would be doing regardless of having a reason to.

Contact Information

my email: rachie_kitty@hotmail.com


sewing / make-up / theatre / film / music / anime / manga / art / drawing