Personal Information

Name : Jazz
Location : Silverton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th August 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Hiya I still go to school what i love best about it is drama art and my mates there all pretty kl. Edi has to be the best she also loves cosplay. I also Love sport i used to swim for Crediton I got invited to do tag rudgy and netball and volley ball at the youth devon tryouts but i didnt go cuz i got the dates mixed up but its all gd cuz im gunna try agian this year but hopefully for high jump and track. I love to draw maga and watch anime s and play compter games When listening to music some of my faverouties are final fantasy X-2, 9and 5 princess mononoke and howls moving castle I also like fruits basket bleach naruto and the list could go on and on. Im pretty hyper and have a short atention span and i day dream alot.

Cosplay Bio

Im brand new to Cosplay I have liked drawing manga and watching animes and reading books about them for ages, and i was just watching stuff on youtube and there where loads of poeple dressed as my faveroutie chacaters and i so longed to do that as well. So i talked to my mates about and edi said she wanted to do it too and some others but i have been looking about and there dont seem to be any cosplay acttivites near me so i wanted to start my own club and see what happened So far im stil seeing if people are intested i live in devon so if there is anyone near by who wnts to get involed email me a t mystic_jaz@hotmail.com. I havnt done any cosplay stuff yet but i cant wait i wanted to go to the ball but im too young = [ so me and my mates are gunna make some costumes and just have fun making videos for a while= ]

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Howls moving castle / Princess Mononoke / Kikis Delivery service / Final Fantasy X-2 / Final Fantasy IX / Final Fantasy VI / Fruits basket / Naruto / Bleach / Cheeky Angel / Sailor moon / Sister Sister / Romeo & juliet / Wow / Drama and other stuff