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Name : Joshie
Website : http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pudding-redflux/
Location : Everywhere
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st February 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

A little 'history, if youu will...
Joshie Maioha....AKA - me! [or pudding redflux] was born in Swindon, United Kingdom and grew up in a lot of areas. He moved....well more like played tennis, with New Zealand & the UK, '3years here...4years there' back & forth! His Maori heritage comes from his grandfather's side of the family, with both Ngapuhi and Waikato tribal affiliations.

So there youu go,
Little information on who I....my background. More stuff??
Allrighty; I am highly interested in Tim Burton's...EVERYTHING! A little on the 'weird' side, slightly macabre & loved for it ^^
Born in swinden, attended many schools, seen many many things, travelled the world [technically] more times than most people by the age of 12, has a nack for getting in pickles [not the food]....

Cosplay Bio

Only recently got into MAJOR cosplaying [would have bought before] since my other half & I became an item, & gosh is she a good'n! Many of you would probs know her from 'witch cosplay' or -Jae-. So hope to be cosplaying 'well' soon & hope you enjoy my efforts ^^

Contact Information

Catch me on:
Skype - pudding-redflux
Furaffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pudding-redflux/
X-box live - *waiting to buy*
PSN - neko-fuzz *waiting to re-buy Ps3*



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Art & Design / Acting / Being with my baba [Jae] / Cooking / Cleaning / Cosplaying / Dancing / Doodling / Eating / Eating more / Music [i lush my music] / Hitting things with sticks...many things.