Personal Information

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Name : Eilidh
Location : Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th February 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Hypermobility Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), Anxiety, Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADs); and not content to emulate Marilyn Monroe's classic bombshell hip wiggle by shortening the heel of one shoe, I've managed to shorten one leg through childhood muscle injury. I often have to rely on different mobility aids as a result of this combination of disabilities.

I have a BDes (Hons) degree in Textile Design or something... possibly.

I am a massive nerd.

Cosplay Bio

Billie "Lacey" Blouse has been cosplaying since 2006 and, until late 2015, went by the badge-name Pudding. Billie's first "offical" convention as a Cosplayer was Auchinawa 2006; but prior to that, Billie had already attended the Edinburgh International Science Festival's Star Trek Exhibition in 1995; the Scottish Regional Pokemon Championships at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow in 2000; and Golden Demon, 2003. Billie finally got to rock an Over's badge at Amecon 2007 where Billie started cosplaying regularly with fellow members of Blood/Sugar Cosplay (Raine, Zombie, Nickel & X'amd). Their first group was, arguably, Kingdom Hearts.

Since then Billie has traveled all over the UK to attend events and has also cosplayed at events as far afield as Paris, France and California, USA. Billie has previously worked as a gopher, event runner and announcer for MCM Comic Con's Totally Cosplay & the Japan Ex Stage, Auchinawa and other conventions. Alongside Madmazda88, and chums, Billie also runs various beginner's cosplay workshops and panels. In 2014 Billie began working as backstage staff and the in 2015, performing at Cosplay Burlesque nights such as Kapow! in Glasgow.

Despite only deliberately entering 2 cosplay contests between 2006 and 2015, Billie managed to win the following Awards:

* London MCM Expo, October 2010, Neo Magazine Cosplay Corner Winner, Best Group, Marvel Comics' X-men Group (Quicksilver)
* Auchinawa 2008, The Most Terrifyingly Scary and Bloody Group in the Masquerade, Silent Hill Group (Lisa Garland)
* London MCM Expo, October 2008, Sunday: Best Skit, The Mighty Boosh Group (Bob Fossil)
* Ceres Nursery School Fete Costume Contest, 1993, 2nd or 3rd Place (Minnie Mouse)


Conventions & Events:

Edinburgh International Science Festival Star Trek Exhibition 1995
Pokemon Regional Championships 2000
Golden Demon 2003
Glasgow Anime, 2006-2008
Cosplay Scotland (Including Nickelcon 1 & 2), 2006-2010
Auchinawa 2006
Amecon 2007
Japan Ex 2008 (Paris, France, Europe)
VideoGames LIVE, Glasgow 2008
London MCM October Expo 2008
Auchinawa 2008
D-con 2009 - Cakepirates: Artist/Dealer
AX/Anime Expo 2009 (Los Angeles, California, USA) = Event No. 10
Ayacon Revolution 2009
London MCM Expo October 2009
D-con 2010 - Cakepirates: Artist/Dealer
Minamicon 2010
London MCM May Expo 2010
London MCM October Expo 2010
Auchinawa 2010
Ayacon 2011
Dee-con 2012 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers = Event No. 20
Kitacon 2012
Amecon 2012
Sunnycon 2 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
DOJ-con 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
MCM London Comic Con, May 2013
Ayacon Apocalypse 2013
DokiDoki Festival 2013 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
DeeCon 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
Planet Folkestone's Geek Fest 2014 - Tolkien Cosplayers: Fundraising Helper Elves
LFCC 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers = Event No. 30
MCM Glasgow Comic Con 2014
Auchinawa 2014
The Big Glasgow Comic Mart, 6th December 2014 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
VideoGames LIVE, Glasgow 2015
Deecon 2015
Fife Lolita Tea Society, Discovery Point: Dundee Meet-up, April 2015
Edinburgh Comic Con 2015
BHP's Glasgow Comic & Toy Fair, May 2015
Kapow! - Cosplay Burlesque, Glasgow, May 2015 - Billie Blouse: Performer
Marvelesque, Dundee, May 2015 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers = Event No. 40
International Lolita Day Meet, Edinburgh 2015
BHP's Glasgow Comic Con 2015
Dundee Big Geek Meet 2015
Film & Comic Con Glasgow 2015
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2015
Panopticon Comic Mart, Glasgow, October 2015 - Blood/Sugar Cosplay: Dealers
Kapow! - Cosplay Burlesque, Glasgow, October 2015 - Billie Blouse: Performer
MEGAbytes Cosplay School: Sewing for the terrified!, December 2015 - Billie Blouse: Workshop Facilitator/Co-Host

Future Events (TBC):

Dunfermline Comic Con 2016
RaiCon 2016 = If I go to DCC, this will be Event No. 50!
DeeCon 2016 = If I do not go to DCC, this will be event No. 50!
Kapow! - Cosplay Burlesque, Glasgow, May 2016
Amecon 2016
Film & Comic Con Glasgow 2016
Nine Worlds Geekfest 2016
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016
+ Hopefully some sort of Cos-Con(s) in 2016 (eventually!!!)...
+ Hopefully will be organising some more cosplay workshops in 2016...


manga / anime / comics / cartoons / disney / cosplay / crossplay / hula-hooping / horror / reading / art / writing / singing / dancing / films / music / sci-fi / fantasy / K-drama / adventuring / musicals / crafts / stained glass making / videogames / burlesque / mermaids / fairytales / etc.