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Name : Elle
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Location : Nottingham, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th July 1991
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Feel free to call me Ellie ^_^

Im quite shy but I love people who love me ^^ If I become your friend then I'll be your friend forever. Im a very chillaxed person who will always be happy to meet new friends at conventions.

I am passionate about anime, manga, filming, illustration and of course, cosplay.

I regularly attend the Nottingham anime and manga society and as a result between anime I am probably either using the DDR machine or playing Guitar hero at the arcade. Im madly in love with DDR at the moment and getting better at it!

Just finished my second year in studying a Foundation Degree in Multimedia.

Cosplay Bio

I have been cosplaying since I was 16. I was 13 when I first found out about it but wanted to get my own money to fund for it. My first convention was Amecom 08, where I cosplayed as Ranma Saotome.

Attened every KitaCon so far and gonna try and attend Fushicon and JCC. I always go to the Midlands Expo (since I went to Amecon)

OK, now I have sobered up since I last updated this I often cosplay as Ranka Lee or Gumi Megpoid and have plans to cosplay more Gumi variants in the future as I love her outfits.

Contact Information

Livejournal, Youtube and DA-Aerblade

Twitter, Tumblr-PsychoElle



Cosplay plans

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 23:44:33 GMT

I havent posted here in aaaages so here are some updates concerning cosplay ^^

The events I plan to go to next are:

J-Culture Con
Kitacon 4

For JCC I am thinking of cosplaying Yurippe from Angel beats and rewear for groups at Fushi and Kita.

My plans for Fushi are...

Yurippe-Angel Beats
In progress at the moment. I am very much looking forward to cosplaying her as she is such an inspirational character plus I am very much looking forward to being a redhead for a whole day!

Hinata Hyuga-Naruto
There has been quite a thing for returning back to the old days when the series was once popular and theres plans for a huge group. I adore Hinata, shes shy and gentle like me and I have friends who already cosplay from it so it would be nice to join them in a photoshoot ^^

Yoh Takami-Deadman Wonderland
I have been in love with this manga for as long as I remember and Yoh is my favourite character. I have quite a group now so I am most looking forward to starting this cosplay!



Cosplay / art / manga / world cultures / sewing / anime / cats / polar bears / graphics / animation