Personal Information

Name : Emily
Location : UK - London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th June 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Hai! I'm currently in year 11 in senior school... GAH ALL THE EXAMS!!! D: I'm really talkative and funny (According to SOME people). I really like to write stories, read and listen to music. Yuss I is a gamer girl. I love to play Xbox and Wii with my friend... mainly horror games cause like... lul its funny. I also draw manga - The best to my ability - And I'm so freaking awesome it hurts!!!!

Cosplay Bio

I was in primary school when I got into anime, and I started cosplaying when I entered senior school. I've always loved to dress up and dressing up linked with anime is just EPIC! Enough said. :3

Whenever I go to my regular group in school, we always use our Hetalia names. Obviously I'm Prussia cause I'm like... EPIC! xDDDD

Contact Information

Wattpad - TabbyCosplay
Youtube - XxXxKiddlywinkxXxX


Drawing / Reading / writing / Hanging out with friends / Xbox / and Listening to music. I love heavy metal and screamo / but then I go through an awesome contrast and listen to Vocaloid XDDD Ah... I love confusing people with my awesomeness.