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Name : Emma-Jay
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Location : Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK
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Date of Birth : 25th February 1990
Age : 27

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i study Proformng arts deploma at college later this year ((2010), i enjoy acting as it lets me act as diffrent character from Movies, TV shows meny morei'm also a fomer sea Cadets i become the first youngister leading cadet at the age of 16-17. i enjoy games like Resident evil, Tekken, Haunting Ground and Project Zero ((Fatal frame in the US))i also enjoy the Resident evil films my idol is Milla Jovovich.

i like alot of animals but i mostly like Cats as they are just cute and fluffly & sleep on the bed with ya without hogging the bed, i lost my cat in april 3rd 2010 as i had to have him put to sleep (( as it was the best thing to do)) so i'm still upset about that, there isn't a time that goe passed where i'm not thinking about him, only me & my dad are fans of Japanese anime & Horror game like Resident evil, i'm the only member of my family that is always doing cosplays my younger brother only did it once & he said it's for nerds so i punched him for everyone heh

Cosplay Bio

My first outfit i made was Rebecca Chambers from Resident evil zero for the gamecube in 2008, in 2009 i made the outfit of Jill Valentine ((my trademark character as most people say)) for the midlands MCM expo. in 2010 for the London MCM expo i have made Jill Valentine & Alice's outfit's from the 2004 film Resident evil:Apocalypse. i got into Cosplays since i watched Cosplay videos from my friend in Japan so since then i have been helping her make her outfits so from there i become an otaku ((someone that enjoy Japanese anime, Manga & Video for the little boys & girls that donm't know that lol))i enjoy cosplay as it lets me shows off my acting skills & meeting new people that enjoy diffrent things.

So far the best outfit i have made is my Alice outfit from Resident evil: Apocalypse as it's taken me since augest to make and in march 2010 i finshed it so it's ready for the London expo 2010 in May.

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add me to eatcher one or both i don't mind lol


Batman / Resident evil / Fatal Frame / Devil May Cry / Galerians / Final Fantasy / Dark Angel / Tekken / Naruto Shippuuden / Role-playing