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Name : Kai
Website : http://kaishead.wordpress.com/
Location : London
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Date of Birth : 17th November 1989
Age : 27

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Well Hi im Kai, Names Courtney but everyone usually calls me Kai so i just go with that lol (i mean even my boyfriend calls me Kai xD he never calls me by my real name lol). I love Aniem and Manga, im a girl Gamer, i blog, i write storys, i sew and knit, i draw. im a woman of many artsy talets lol though some im not very good in, i continue them because i enjoy them ^^ and they bring a little happiness to the annoyance that is my life at times.

even though im 21 i act like im 5, could be because i have 4 younger siblings, 3 of wich are under the age of 7 so im used to acting like a child lol.

im jobless at the moment, so if anyone would like to offer me a job that would be much appriciated lol.

i love Japan and everything about it, Ive been there 2 and enjoyed every second of it. im also trying to teach myself Japanese, as lessons cost too much money lol.

I LOVE BJD's (Ball jointed dolls) i own seven, all of which are boys, though i havent been paying my boys any attention over the past couple of months due to job hunting and what not i do love em. they sort of let me spread my imagination a little further than just drawing and writing which i find awesome. i also get to practice my sewing skills by sewing them clothes lol

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying originally when i did a cosplay of cagalli in my living room, that was also, the same time i realised never to cosplay girls with blond hair... my skintone and what not does just NOT mix xD, luckily that picture has been deleted from the wonders of the web and my hardrive and ive moved on to darker haired girls and guys.

MY first serious cosplay was one i did of Yuffie in her Dirge of Cerbrus Moogle outfit, that took me days to sew because it was before i owned a sewing machine so i had to sew all my hand ^^; my dad made me a massive shuriken, it was EPIC! then i ended up breaking it multiple times on the day and had to super glue it... bulsa wood fail! but never the less i enjoyed my self, since then ive cosplayed; Tyki Mikk (d.grey-man) Allen Walker (d.grey-man), My own orginal Character (check out my twitter avi to find out who), Sora (digimon), Fuu (Samurai Champloo) and Videl (Dragon Ball Z).

not that many, but who cares, i had fun with each any everyone... well minus Fuu... i wore too small shoes and my feet hurt for the rest of the day >.< that wasnt fun at all...

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Im on Twitter under the same name @PockyKai
Im Also on Xbox Live under the gamertag - lilemokai
PS3 - CaiVincent
i have loads of things im signed up to, if ya wanna know just ask ^^



[Fanfiction] [Arashi] Homecoming Chapter 2 [Sho x Elle]

Tue, 13 Nov 2012 20:21:40 GMT

Author: [info]lilemokai
Pairing: Main - Nino x OC, Sho x OC | Side - Ohno x OC, Jun x OC, Aiba x OC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, little Comedy
Length: [Sho x Elle] - 2/?
Disclaimer: I dont own Arashi no matter how much i wish to, all i own are my OC's
(tho i dont own the images used to picturise the characters)
Summary: [SEQUAL TO RUNAWAY] Managing to tell Nino about her pregnancy, Noriko & Nino are put to the test with Noriko hormones and cravings all over the place and Nino panicking about not being good with children. Not only that, but Nino has been asked to take part in a new drama. Add in having to tell the In-laws about the pregnancy, can the couple overcome the trails that lay ahead of them?
On the other side, Sakurai Sho has just found out that he has a new next door neighbour, a half foreigner at that named Elle. After finding out that Elle is an English/art teacher, Sho mentioned that he’s wanted to learn English for a while, so she takes it upon herself to tutor him. Will it just be English he’s learning or will he gain something more from this sudden arrangement?

(Please Click Picture to Read)

For the fans of Runaway, Chapters are now linked (via the chapter image) to my Archive of our own account, just because it easier for me to post everything up there then link up everything and such on LJ, not only that, its easier to read on Archive of our own lol. If you guys really want me to then ill post it up on here too, but they shall always be up on both my Archive of our own account or my AsianFanfic account.

On a side note, my Asianfanfic account is always updated before anything else.

Nino x Noriko Side                      Sho x Elle Side
Chapter 1                                  Chapter 1
                                                    Chapter 2                                      Chapter 2



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