Personal Information

Name : Hikari-Susie
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th October 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hello, Sweet To Meet You~! ♥
I am Susie but you can call me Hikari(。^_^。) I also have a Chinese name.

I'm Hyperactive, Carzy, Short attention spanned and Happy Nappy! I am sometimes RANDOM too ☆彡

★ Age: 16
★ Nationality: ASIAN
★ Eye colour: Brown
★ Hair colour: Black was red-brown
★ Height: 5"5
★ Weight: too personal >>..<<

I heart Japan, Music, Shopping, Cosplay, Manga, Bunnies, Cakes, Lollipops, Candy, Stripes, Stars, Hosts, Fans, Parasols and YOU^^
Hello, Sweet To Meet You~! ♥