Phoenix Xlr8r

Personal Information

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Name : Liam
Location : Leicester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th August 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

much love for all things anime, manga and gaming

completed a 2 year games development course at canterbury ;P
i plan on creating my game(s) or at least get my comic finished and published when i leave college

Cosplay Bio

Oct expo 2011 Natsu and Takashi may 2011 expo as hakumen and corrupt tsukune- also went to japan underground as him, may 2010 expo as syaoran/tsubasa and the october 2010 expo as yuri lowell and tsukune aono and im defo going to more in the future.

Will be attending May MCM 2014 with my brother for his first expo, I'll be Axton form Borderlands 2 and roped him into being a humanised Claptrap XD

Contact Information

liam_xlr8r skype
phoenixdragon17 psn-- just let me know you're from here XD
liam braiden facebook
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films / games / fantasy books / anime / manga / cosplaying / blazblue / rosario+vampire / tales of vesperia & eternia / ghibli films / ah my goddess / negima / no more heroes / drawing-creating my comic and game