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Name : Suet Yee
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Location : Colchester
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Date of Birth : 4th February 1982
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Hi, please call me Pez because nobody can pronounce my proper name right and I like Pez better anyway.

I run Coscraft (, an online cosplay supplies shop. I live with my girlfriend who also cosplays, so my home is constantly surrounded by cosplay stuff.

Feel free to add me on my LJ and say hi. Life's been hectic so far this year so I don't post 8 times a day there anymore but once things settle down I'll be back with frequent, spam-ful posts. Apparently people don't mind because I'm funny (??) Oh and I haven't used MSN and such for two years or more now but with enough persuasion (and if I have the time. Have I mentioned that life is hectic?) I might get back into the whole chatting thing.

I've been told by people on different occasions that I should never do drugs because I'm insane enough already. I think that pretty much sums me up. Face to face with new or not-very-close people though I can seem very reserved and quiet. Only very few know my true insanity (WHAT?????)

My English is always full of mistakes because I never check before I click send. Please forgive. I tend to perform better when I'm writing stories.

When I grow old I want to be a crazy cat lady.

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay characters I like, characters who have interesting costumes, and characters who friends ask me to do. Basically anything goes as long as I can find the time! I'd like to try to be lots of different things. Girls, boys, half animals, demons...

Not being able to drive means there's no point in making something that's too big to go on a train or easily crushed.

I'd love to learn how to do amazing makeup.


Gluing stuff together :D/ / video games / fanfiction / doujinshi / fanart / cats / baking / politics / reading