Personal Information

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Name : Jared
Location : Garstang
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th September 1992
Age : 22

Personal Bio

I'm an animation student at Bolton University, and i've studied costuming and acting at College level. My boyfriend Frank is a University level writer and i'm training him in costume construction this year.
We have been together nearly six years now and i've been with my Girldudebabe Abe for a few months.
As for group work I now often work with the cospoly babes fairly regularly, and often with Franks best friend Siobhan for smaller groups.
I'm very social, friendly and open, so please do not feel afraid to chat to me on here.

Cosplay Bio

My name is Jared Kennedy and this is my page for me and my partner Frank Pascows cosplays. I create costumes for both me and him and I will occasionally post my commission work up here also.
I've been cosplaying for six years now but i'm finally starting competition this year and persuing going pro.