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Name : Andrew
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Location : United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 27th December 1994
Age : 22

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Im an anime loving manga reading and drawing nerd who has fallen in love with manga and anime from the very moment I gazed my eyes upon the stuff. I had seen cosplaying before but i had never really noticed it because i never knew what it was all i knew was that it was people dressing and thats as far as my knowledge went until I was about 13,14 and then I gazed at it in aor OoO *droolz*
I love everything about cosplay/anime/manga even the yaoi, yes yaoi. Im a total Gaara and Ulquiorra nerd :))and I look forward to cosplay alot in the future :DD

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So far none completed but there is in progress- Gaara from Naruto Shippuden. I cant sew to save my life but it doesnt stop me after all I'm a fast learner and Practise makes perfect

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Drawing / Reading / Anime / Manga / Gaming (mainly products from Square Enix but im flexible :P) / any anime based games are total WIIN for me / also Disney to a certain extent / anything Japanese especially the music... and music :P