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Name : El
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Location : UK
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Personal Bio

1. Loves my food (especially desserts) too much that I sound like a M&S advert =b
2. I'm obsessed with fairy tales
3. A puzzle geek ^^;;
4. Still has to understand the art behind pattern pieces, photography + sewing XD
5. Adore big dresses too much XD
6. In general both cheerful and chatty but very shy; though I love meeting new people at cons <3

Cosplay Bio

"Cosplay belongs to all who enjoy it, nothing else"

* Probably known by now as the crazy girl who plays princess against YGO XD
* Started sewing and cosplaying late 2009
* Biggest achievement since was entering MCM masquerade for the 1st time and unexpectedly gaining a joint award 0_0
* Strive to make most parts of my cosplays as possible
* Quite picky with detail = longer time to finish cosplays = added costs DX
* Mainly cosplays young female characters and need more guy cosplays!
* Love sewing cosplays in particular if it's meant for a group - gives me more of a drive and allows me to dedicate it to the wonderful cosplayers I've met -^^-


Anime / Manga / Cosplay / Shonen + Shoujo manga / Vampire knight / One piece / Prince of tennis / Yu-Gi-Oh! / Pandora hearts / Uta no prince-sama / Kuroko no Basuke / Disney / NDS games / fairy tales / Fire emblem