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Name : Pete
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I'm a pretty down to earth person, without a doubt very quiet and geek to the max. I love playing Airsoft, being a massive Video Game Junkie, 90's Gaming Throwback and diehard Dino Crisis fan . UI/Artist by trade, I scribble allot! Not to mention being an obsessive, but now highly hard of hearing, Metal and rock fan. Spending most of my money on CDs and gig tickets down the years has led to a hearing decline, which is why I have a terrible time trying to hear people inside conventions!

Cosplay Bio

I found out about cosplay back in 2006 when a friend of mine in the US swamped me with photos of their adventures, I remember thinking this surely doesn't happen over here? Having been used to being the only person interested in anime and games, I was used to being the social outcast. But I 'officially' started cosplaying in 2007 (Which still only feels like yesterday!) and have loved every single minute of it, most of all because of the people I've met.
Most of my cosplays resolve around game characters, usually Resident Evil, as I am a lifetime RE fan.

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