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Name : Ouca
Location : Computer?
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Personal Bio

Well, I am currently a student. I love anime/manga and writing. Um...I am about 5'6-7". I like to think of myself as a friendly person since no one has said otherwise, though I can be shy...Uh...that's about it >.<

Cosplay Bio

I am a new cosplayer, having only starting making my own in 2010. However, I have been interested in it for a while and am glad to have discovered that it is fun, though expensive at times. Probably my greatest one will be the Lulu for a time, though I am planning on changing the hair to make it look more natural.


Scorpion King / Mummy series / LOTF / POTC / Beauty and the Beast / Final Fantasy / Okami / Star Ocean / Legend of Zelda / Soul Caliber / .hack / Harvest Moon / Charmed / Naruto / Bleach / Helsing / Cowboy Bebop / Zatch Bell / Natsume Yuujincho