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Name : Jessica
Website : http://otakustar97.deviantart.com/
Location : Surrey
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Hi! I'm Jess, still trying to think of a cosplay name for myself, slowly getting there though XD
I have been cosplaying for a few years now, my first cosplay being Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star, back in 2011 at London MCM Expo October 2010. However my first expo was London MCM Expo October 2010, it was a great experience and back then I remember feeling very out of place not wearing a cosplay, and since I have gone to and cosplayed at every London MCM Expo.
I also like to draw, watch TV/movies/anime, read manga and every so often a book (I am very slow at reading!).
I take art, maths, psychology, and physics at a-level and am hoping to go into architecture at university.
I have some very awesome friends, some who cosplay and others who don't XD
There's probably a load more I can write but I can't think of it right now soo yeah I'll just leave this here...XD

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SnapChat- OtakuStar97
DeviantArt- OtakuStar97 ( http://otakustar97.deviantart.com/ )