Personal Information

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Name : Bossy
Website : http://otaku-trioka.deviantart.com
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 27th September 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

The Otaku Trioka are: Bossy, Mini and Busty.
We are a Cosplay group that originates from Buckley, North Wales, though we live all over the country gaining supporters as we go. Every year at London Expo in October we hold a 'Trioka Fest' where our pets and supporters join us for drinks and mayhem.

Cosplay Bio

It all started for us at a friends 18th, where we all turned up in cosplay and got to know each other. Each of us has our own individual reason for loving the world of cosplay.
Previous group cosplays include: Bleach, Naruto (SNJ, Genin, Shippuden, Jounin), Fruits Basket, Kingdom Hearts
Soon to be done are: Air Gear, non-Disney princesses, Jewel Riders