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Name : Karl
Website :
Location : sutton-in-ashfield
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th August 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

SO my names Karl =D
However I profaired to be called Karu =D
I' 19 years of age, I work as a Nursery Nurse. Errrm, make youtube vlogs on the side.
I'm pretty crazy, and relativly hyper all the time!
Which dosn't suit some of the characters i cosplay really!
I enjoy music, anime watching, youtubing, and just having fun =D
Can't think of muche else to write, but feel free to glomp me and talk to me =D

Cosplay Bio

I have been interested in cosplay for years, but only recently started this year.
My first convention was J-Culture con, 2010!
It was epic. I loved that day, and always will!
I met so many great people, and really would love to go to more cons!

So far I have only cosplayed angsty serious type characters. Which am good at pulling off, but it dosnt suite my really personality.
I have seen so many cosplays i want to atempt and hopefully will get around to it.
Also strange thing: I'm really interested in Crossplaying! Yes, i will happily cosplay the oposite gender, and am planning to this year at alacon ^_^

Recomend me things to Cosplay, or Crossplay? :P

Contact Information - My Windows Live - Twiiter =D



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