Personal Information

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Name : Ben
Website :
Location : Epsom, Surrey
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th March 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

-Working as an Aeronautical Analyst for Navtech
-Married to FusionRose
-Loves Cosplaying, Comicbooks, Anime, Manga and videogames

Cosplay Bio

Planned Cosplays -


Sat: Titan - Destiny

London October Expo
Fri: Eric - The Little Mermaid 2
Sat: Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones
Sun: Yet to be decided...


Mission #1: To Cosplay at least one character from every Final Fantasy
[Final Fantasy I][Final Fantasy II][Final Fantasy III][Final Fantasy IV][Final Fantasy V][Final Fantasy VI][Final Fantasy VII][Final Fantasy VIII][Final Fantasy IX][Final Fantasy X][Final Fantasy XI][Final Fantasy XII][Final Fantasy XIII][Final Fantasy Versus XIII][Final Fantasy Agito XIII][Final Fantasy XIV]

Mission #2: To Cosplay at least one character from every Resident Evil
[Resident Evil Zero][Resident Evil][Resident Evil 2][Resident Evil 3: Nemesis][Resident Evil: Code Veronica][Resident Evil 4][Resident Evil: Revelations][Resident Evil 5][Resident Evil 6][Resident Evil: Outbreak][Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2][Resident Evil: Gun Survivor][Resident Evil: Dead Aim][Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles][Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles]

Mission #3: To cosplay at least one character from every main Fighting game
[Street Fighter][Tekken][Soul Calibur][Mortal Kombat][Dead or Alive]

Contact Information

XBL - Numta
PSN - Numta
Facebook -
DA -
Tumblr -
Skype: Ben.Diamond88 (normally on there during work hours so if i don't reply right away thats why lol)



Metal Gear Solid / Grand Theft Auto / Devil May Cry / Halo / Destiny / Final Fantasy / Resident Evil / Gears of War / Star Wars / Star Trek / Firefly / The Walking Dead / Game Of Thrones