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Name : Hope
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Location : Derby
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th November 1992
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hey everyone. I'm Hope and I'm pretty imaginative when it comes to many things(meaning I do daydream-a LOT!). I've always had a creative mind but I think it's just developed as I grew older and got into more things. I love creating things may it be drawing, writing, playing my guitar, creating cosplays...I just come up with ideas for almost anything. I'm in University studying Sport Psychology

I also enjoy other things such as horse riding, reading, watching anime,playing a lot of video games, dog walking, listening to music and hanging around with my friends. I read a lot of books that I won't list them here, it would take forever. The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon when I was little but I didn't know it was an anime back then. My favourite animes/manga are Naruto,Wolf's Rain,Digimon,Death Note,FullMetal Alchemist,Fruits Basket,D.Gray Man,Vampire Knight,Soul Eater and Black Cat. I still have a full list of anime/manga that I want to watch/read.

I also love to play video games. I've been into video games for almost my whole childhood and I still play them now. My favouites are Kingdom Hearts 1,CoM + 2, Jak and Daxter series, Final Fantasy (VII,X,X-2,XIII), Naruto ultimate ninja series, Okami, Spyro the dragon and more.

Cosplay Bio

I was into cosplay for a long time but never actually thought about looking for the nearest convention. I always loved the thought of dressing up as your favourite character and just having fun with other people who had the same interest as you.

Contact Information

Twitter: Celtic_Wolf_92



Horse riding / anime / manga / reading / writing / music / making friends / surfing the internet / rpg / fantasy / films / art / photography / fanfiction / horses / wolves