Personal Information

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Name : Amanda
Location : UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th December 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm actually taking the time to update this thing for once.
I love cosplay, I can quite happily spend hours making a costume. It is my only hobby at the moment as I am too busy for anything else :-( I will always make time for expo's and cosplay though <3

I love nerding over reverse harems! Ouran High School, Special A, La Corda D'Oro are just amazing, I do like other anime's too, some of my favourite are Highschool of the dead, Junjo romantica (nom nom nom Nawaki <3 <3 ) Naruto (I mostly read the manga as the anime has waaay to many fillers to keep me entertained) and Kuroshitsuji is also fabulous, watch it!

Cosplay Bio

I usually stick with cosplay's which have masks. I like having my face covered as usually I can't pull the right face for the characters, I just end up looking constipated :S

I love big costumes, I especially love cosplays where everyone knows the character but no one does the cosplay.