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Name : Aiden
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Location : Surrey, UK
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Personal Bio

Why Hello, darlings. I'm Aiden, an androgynous male, and a very queer sort of creature who spends too much of his time before a sewing machine, swearing profusely.
I'm an art student, a tad eccentric, terribly flamboyant and certainly crazy.
Oh, and I love tea. Mmm. Tea.

Cosplay Bio

I've been cosplaying since I was 12 and it's definitely become one of my biggest obsessions; I make all my costumes and props myself; I consider sewing my therapy (I find it helps me deal with stress hugely). I've done a couple of commissions for cosplays, but usually I'm sewing for myself.

Contact Information

Email: I ask that you PM me for this~
Facebook: See above~


Literature / Norse Mythology / Tattoos / Illustration / Gothic Romanticism / The Supernatural and Paranormal / Cosplay.