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Name : Nat The Awesome
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Location : Hemel
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th June 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio


The rather unknown Mocha-Berry, a rare species, aye, but a nice one. They tend to have wicked mood swings, and this female one in particular seems borderline bi polar. Fueled by yaoi manga books, oranges and her own perverted mind this particular specimen can spawn gay stories like a drunkard can vomit.

She predominantly writes about boy love, ruining many a fans minds simply due to the fact she has a super hero-like ability to turn the straightest of kids gay. She uses this ability fiercely and without fail, trying to type up as much gay lovings as she can, though the Mocha will always have a specialty, or a favorite (also known as OTP). Engulfed in the world or nerdism, this particular Mocha likes to pretend she is Jaishin and religiously follows (reading and watching) Naruto and Bleach. She also takes the rare occasion off her strenuous work to watch D.Gray man and play Kingdom Hearts and when she's not slacking off on school work you can usually find this example sleeping, writing more gay, drawing, or dreaming about nothing in particular.

There is a wonderful site where you can look at this strange creatures cave paintings -
It is also known that this Berry likes hugs and kisses, though can sometimes claw your eyes out for no particular reason, oh and bite your head off.

Although rather boisterous with closely knit friends, the Mocha-Berry is a shy creature, who likes to hide in H&M instead of talk to the person she's been stalking/hunting. She also likes to pretend she is her favourite characters, dressing up as them, and forcing people to address her as 'Renji', 'Axel' or 'Luxord' (whom she has never actually cosplayed before, but likes associating herself with him)...or whomever she happens to be cosplaying at the time.

We hope this brief overview lets you understand this endangered species a lot better, please hug her 8D

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying a few years ago, when my friend Elanor invited me to May Expo 2006. She was going as Ed Elric, so I decided (even though having never laid eyes on FMA but instead allowing my brother to spawn random crap about it) to cosplay as Roy Mustang. Thankfully she failed at getting me in a skirt. It was at these events which I met lovely kind people and eventually broadened my cosplay horizons. NOW I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO 8D


Lolling with the crewage / Yaoi 8D