Personal Information

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Name : Natasha Lee
Location : Kingston-Upon-Hull
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th March 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hi all! What to say about me? Well, I'm a costumier, artist, singer, writer, (amongst other things!) and you'll usually find me watching anime or playing video games when I'm not busy with other things!

I commission wigs and custom make cosplay costumes, replica gowns, LARP, and the like- my website was supposed to be launched THIS WEEK but our house was broken into and my laptop stolen with EVERYTHING on it, and my gorgeously expensive camera amongst other things... so the less said about that the better.

I have a cosplay family, and a great regular family too, and always have time and space for one extra addition to either!

My top five of all time gaming girls are Zelda, Samus, Lulu, Freya and LeBlanc, though I like any girl who fights for love and justice!

Events I'll be attending in the remainder of 2009 and 2010:
Thought Bubble (November, Saville's Hall, Leeds)
Grand International Cosplay Ball (November, Clapham Grand, London)

KitaCon (March, Park Inn, Northampton)
London MCM Expo (May, Excel, London)
Insert Coin '10
AmeCon '10
AlCon '10

... and possibly many others!

My cosplay schedule looks like it's going to be thus so far:
Thought Bubble '09: Queen Esther Blanchett- Trinity Blood Artwork
Grand International Ball: Queen Esther Blanchett- Trinity Blood Artwork

KitaCon '10: Friday Lulu FFX2, Saturday Queen of Hearts and some Trinity Blood (to feed my addiction), Sunday- White Mage Rikku FFX-2
May Expo: Saturday- some addiction-feeding Trinity Blood, Sunday- Princess Peach Toadstool. *Mwah!*
AmeCon '10: Friday- Queen of Hearts, Saturday- Samus Aran, Sunday- OPEN, Ball- Chii.

Cosplay Bio

I've been with anime, manga, and video games since I was very young. I think the first thing I watched was Astro Boy or maybe Gundam. I had this crazy idea when I was small that I would dress up as characters from Pokemon and it turned out people were doing it the world over!
I enjoy meeting new friends- cosplay is really great to break ice and meet like minded people. I also love making costumes, I'm so happy when I'm styling wigs or sewing or building armour/props. That said, you're always doing something different, you can show appreciation for characters and designs, and when your costume makes someone smile it's really worth doing!
My proudest moments were probably not winning awards, but some of the reactions I've had to costumes i.e. someone being astounded that they were shaking 'Princess Zelda's' hand, or small children recognising Yugioh! or Pokemon. I've had a couple people say I was the best UK Lulu they'd seen so far (I'm pretty sure I can pass that baton on to Fredrica la Noir!), so little things like that are really special to me!
I have also won awards for my costumes (or for things in costume), which makes me really happy and I'd say they are great achievments too ^___^

1st Place at ReCon 12/11/07 for Sakura Kinomoto- Green Fairy
3rd Place at Thought Bubble Convention 15/11/08 for Zelda- Ocarina of Time
1st Place Masquerade at KitaCon '09 for Fran- Final Fantasy XII (with Fishyfins as Balthier)
1st Place J-Factor at KitaCon '09 for Rikku-Yuna songstress skit... thing XD
1st Place Cosplay Winner at Insert Coin '09 for Inphyy from Ninety Nine Nights.