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Name : Paige
Website : http://worldcosplay.net/member/73931/
Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd July 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

I'm Paige, certain people call me Izzy, its up to you which you choose~
I'm a part time writer, part time socially acceptable student, full time nerd.
I've self published a novel, and like, write lotsa stories on Wattpad and Fanfiction.net
I like to sing and act and dance, I'm only good at dancing and acting though... XD

I'm into rock, metal, J-pop, K-pop, J-Rock etc~ Though I'm quite open to new music.
I'm constantly on the hunt for more cosplay friends~

Cosplay Bio

If you're on here then you've probably seen some of my stuff already~
I'm a keen cosplayer, but I'm one of those obsessive ones which is obsessed with height accuracy and other things when I'm cosplaying... Just saying...

Uhm, I started a few years ago, I generally go to as many conventions and expos and events as I can within the year. Main ones being MCM's, LFCC and Hyper Japan. I try to get to Eurogamer too, but it depends on timing and shiz.

Follow me on WorldCosplay to boost my stuff up please? :3

Contact Information

I'm simply Paige Dolan on Facebook. I'll be more likely to respond if you join my cosplay group that I manage, NeoNekoNyan. We're only a small group, but feel free to join~



Naruto(Part one and Shippuden) / Kuroshitsuji / Hetalia / Darker than BLACK / Digimon / Yu-Gi-Oh / Uta no Prince-Sama / Fairy Tail / Soul Eater / Rock Lee Springtime of Youth / Hellsing / Spirited Away / ONE OK ROCK / UVERworld / Diaura / Super Junior Happy / Bride of the Water God / Manga / Anime / Manhwa / Gaming / F.E.A.R / Assassins Creed / Mass Effect etc~