Personal Information

Name : Minna
Location : Paris (FRANCE)
Date of Birth : 11th February 1985
Age : 32

Personal Bio

I live at Paris (in France) with my best friend,(I consider her like this) I studies Art computer for become Infographiste (term in french, dunno the english one :/ Sorry)
In hobbies just look at my interest text xD

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplay in 2007. I'm still a newbie. I always loved to be like characters that I like in video games / anime, I discovered cosplay when I was 18-19. And started it 2 years after it.

In cosplay I'm enjoying to make it myself, and of course act like the characters ^^ That's a great challenge when you are very shy ^^
For the choices of my cosplays I always did charactr that I like and I know (for the playing).

The proudest moment for me is when people recognize the character and of course said some compliments about my costume.(Even the critique is good to take for become better) I participate sometimes in masquerade too but it was only for fun.

I have no greatest achivement, maybe when I will be satisfied of what I'm doing?

Contact Information



Mangas / video-games (RPG) / violin / drawing sketch / sewing / cosplay.