Personal Information

Name : Mina
Location : Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 31st March 1998
Age : 16

Personal Bio

Um, okay, I doubt anyone will read this but hi, I'm Mina.
I'm this weird multi-fandom person. I'm really annoying and loveable, I'm kidding, I'm only one of those, guess which. (hint: it's the first one)

I'm in love with so many people and things ok. Some of them are The Avengers, the entire Batman universe, Fable, cats, Doctor Who, more recently Sherlock, Homestuck, Portal, Starkid, and lizards.

Awesome people I've met:

Jesse (she's quite obscure, you may not have heard of her),
Lou Ferrigno,
Charles Dance,
Lance Henriksen,
this wrestler called Lita,
Malcolm McDowell (well sort of, I stood about a foot from him while I hyperventilated at Lou).

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplay so much. Um, I haven't been doing Cons for very long so yup.

Cons I've attended/plan to attend(I'm shamelessly copying HEIRofBOOTY's bio here):

Cardiff Comic Con (twice, I basically intend to go to every one in Cardiff)


Doctor Who / Batman / The Avengers / Sherlock / Starkid / Portal / Homestuck / Fable / Marvel