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Name : Mez Maebara
Location : Village Hidden in Manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th September 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Hello All u crazy PPL! >_.>) um anyways! Iam sooooo into cosplay! I Live in manchester but im not part of the weekly meets ^_^ sorry! ~ Although i do cosplay but only on special occasions.. ykno.. bdays, themed meets? My main Cosplay is Cloud Strife.. (with a buster sword =D) and i Kinda need to meet new cosplayers coz there are so many!!! LOL yeh so.. meh!

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying without even knowing.. lol I randomly ordered an Organization XIII cloak and went out in it and found other cosplayers.. then i found out about it and was all like.. GAH!!! 0_o! But yeh my first EVER cosplay was Xigbar ^_^ *Dun do him anymore :(* Im currently in a cosplay group called Chibi Circus (NOT STARTED YET) as Cloud Strife, Kakashi and Marluxia. I also attend every London Expo... But Iam in a way.. still a newbie of cosplaying! XD well thats pretty much it! cya all soon ^_^